So yeah. This morning I totally forgot to feed my child breakfast. F O R G O T. We weren’t running any more late than normal. He wasn’t being obstinant about getting ready. I just plain forgot. I’m human. So I stopped at the Texaco on the way to his summer program and bought him cheez-its and orange juice. Yep. Mother of the Year, right here.

Here’s the thing. I tend to focus on the things I do wrong, both with my child and with myself, rather than all the things I do RIGHT. Does my child eat crap for breakfast every day? Absolutely NOT. A typical breakfast includes eggs and fruit and/or organic cereal. Occasionally pancakes with maple syrup and real butter. Sometimes bacon. He usually eats real food for for lunch and dinner as well.

I haven’t been as great with my food choices as I usually am. I’m still eating mostly real food, but the amount of junk in my diet has gone from 10-20 percent to maybe 30. For a few weeks there it was about 40-50. And I’ve gotten back into the diet soda habit. And these are the things I focus on. But the reality is, when I’m eating 30 percent “not clean” foods and even junk foods, I’m still eating 70 percent whole, real foods. And that’s HUGE coming from someone who used to eat 100 percent JUNK. Never ever fresh organic fruits and veggies. NEVER water. And I’ve greatly reduced the number of diet drinks I consume. I used drink nothing else. Now I drink a variety of other things. And that’s what I should be focusing on. I exercise very regularly, and I am generally healthier than I have ever been in my life. And yet… I notice my weight, my imperfections, my “failings” more than anything else.

A facebook conversation with my sister in law reminded me what I want to live: progress not perfection. In ALL areas of my life. I want to be as gentle and encouraging with myself as I am with people I love. My child will not die because one day he ate crap for breakfast. And it will happen again. But it won’t happen all the time. There will be days I eat more crap than normal. But it won’t happen every day. It’s always a process. And that’s okay with me.