It’s finally gone online. The food plan I’m using to jumpstart my weight loss back and improve my eating habits. It’s done by my personal trainer and it’s pretty awesome. Here’s the link:

I’m also adding a little challenge into my exercise routine to kick things up. It’s a 30 day glute challenge. I just started today (June 1st). You can find details here:

Today’s been a pretty good day food wise. I’m down 11.5 lbs, which is not my official week 4 weigh in yet. Did Pure Barre in addition to my glute challenge. 

Things I ate today:

eggs with spinach and goat cheese, fresh strawberries, sprouted grain bread with raw almond butter, pasta with fresh pesto, chicken breast with bbq sauce, rice/nut crackers with goat cheese, blackberries with cottage cheese, and of course lots of water! 🙂

It’s my last day of a child free week, and my husband’s been on an all day hike, so I’ve been chilling out listening to 80s music, playing online, and hanging out in my new favorite yoga pose, the inversion. May take an epsom salt bath later too and read my book. Don’t forget to take some down time and reward yourself (with something besides food!)