Today, I jog/walked a 5K (3.1 mile). It started off fairly well. I was making pretty good time by my own standards. Then, about halfway through, my asthma kicked in. Totally my fault, I had stopped using my maintenance inhaler months ago when I had my shoulder surgery and stopped running regularly. But there I was. Coughing and wheezing a bit, and using my inhaler. I reluctantly made the decision that I needed to walk, possibly the rest of the way. And so I did.

And then, after I’d had about a mile to recover (with maybe half a mile left), I began to run slowly again. But then I decided I’d walked this far, and stopped running. A stranger next to me said, “keep running, you’re almost done!” I sighed. He said, “run slowly, I’ll run with you.” And I finished it running. It took me a little over 45 minutes. But I finished. And that’s perhaps a bigger victory than the personal best run I’d had last month. Because I could have given up, but I have learned that persistence is what gets me where I need to go. I didn’t have to run fast or even run at all. I just had to keep moving forward.

This is true in my life, in my recovery, in my fitness journey, in my relationships… There is no point when giving up is a solution to anything. If I try, eventually I get where I’m going. It may be slow, it may not look how I planned, but I get there. All I need is the courage to start and the persistence to keep going, even when I get knocked down. If I want it bad enough, I will find a way to keep moving. If not, I’ll find an excuse. Today I choose to keep moving forward.