After a rough couple of days food wise, I’d made up my mind to follow the food plan more closely. Only, my life circumstances dictated otherwise. Saturday, I had to make a trip into Birmingham to drop my son off with his grandma for the week. Sunday, I ended up eating out for lunch, and then had to attend a potluck gathering with some of my church family. I could have let these things derail me like I kind of had the previous days. But I had made up my mind I wasn’t going to eat crap. And so I didn’t. Lunch at Chickfila on Saturday: a grilled chicken salad with nuts, blue cheese, apples, and berries. (I believe it’s called the grilled market salad.). Dinner at Zoe’s was some grilled steak kabobs with veggies and a few potatoes. Lunch on Sunday (at Moe’s) I had a bowl dish (rather than with a tortilla) filled with veggies, black beans, steak, and a little sour cream. At the potluck, I piled my plate with fresh cherries, apples, cheese slices, a big greek salad, and a little bit of plain bbq (my other meat choices were hamburgers and hot dogs.) I didn’t even have anything I felt exceptionally guilty about all weekend. BUT if I had, it would have been okay too.

The difference between these two days and the last two was only my mindset and a little planning in my head of what I was going to do. I also did not let myself get too hungry. I had been keeping with my steady eating all day. I snacked in the car on rice/nut crackers and raw pumpkin seeds. Even though I wasn’t able to follow my food plan at all, I was able to use the knowledge I’ve learned from clean eating (which I think is the point) to get me where I needed to be. Sometimes what you think you are capable of and what you are actually capable of are worlds apart. I never saw myself as strong and determined and yet here I am, improving myself every day. Most things never seem possible until they are done.