Can you be both? Absolutely! Is there room for improvement? Always. I’m a work in progress. I hope that I’m never not working on improving myself.

I struggle with body image every day. Even though I’m the fittest and within 15 pounds of the least I’ve ever weighed since college. I still have excess body fat. I’m still considered overweight based on my BMI (just barely below obese range.) And yet? I have completed over a dozen 5Ks. I’ve completed a Dirty Girl obstacle mud run. I do an adventure boot camp 5 days a week. I do Pure Barre. Many people that weigh less than me (and have significantly less body fat) do not and cannot do these things. I need to remember to celebrate my body rather than criticize it. Because it can (and does) do amazing things.

I’ve had a rough couple of days food wise. I haven’t been totally horrible but definitely off plan and not eating as clean as I would like. I’m trying to refocus on following the Fix Fat food plan I’ve been using. I am ending week 3/6. I am having a much better day today so far. Organic scrambled eggs, spinach, mushrooms, and goat cheese for breakfast with a side of strawberries, an apple and raw peanut butter for snack. And a pure barre workout.

And even though the number on the godawful scale went up, I was able to fit into a smaller pair of jeans yesterday and zip them up! That means muscle is developing in place of fat. And that feels awesome. This is what motivates me. Progress not perfection.