Today’s been kind of a blah day. I’ve not really had a lot of energy and not really wanted most of the foods on my plan. So I just ate good food today and didn’t stress too much over it. For example, didn’t feel like making dinner any my son wanted Nothing But Noodles, so I ate a pear and balsamic spinach salad and some tofu on the side for a little extra protein.

I did do Pure Barre today, but I’ve been really tired all day (plus didn’t sleep well), so I napped for a few hours. I’m learning to listen to my body and give it what it needs. Sleeping at night has always been a struggle for me but I know that eventually my body will get the rest it needs.

I made it to the farmer’s market today as well. Didn’t by a lot but got some goat cheese, hummus, some more kale to make kale chips (I burned the last batch!) and a bunch of strawberries to dehydrate some and freeze some.

I find myself wanting junk food less and less even when I see other people having it. Last night I was at a meeting where there was red velvet cake, and I honestly didn’t really want it. I’m sure that won’t always be the case, but it’s good to know sometimes I don’t have to battle quite so much to turn stuff down. I can rely on the results I’m getting and the way I’m feeling to empower me to continue to make better choices. (Or as my trainer says, “better bad choices,” because sometimes that’s what it comes down to…)

Thought for the day:

“It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t… It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.” – James Gordon